Jerry Durbin '53
Jerry Durbin ’53

My fondest memory unfortunately is after the time Jesuit graduate Joe Lostetter was killed in Korea. The military sent an honor guard to Jesuit on Oak Lawn to conduct a memorial service in Joe’s memory with his family members present and the student body attending

I probably became a cheerleader to attract girls’ attention. If we had an official moderator, I’m not sure who it would have been. Probably a staffer with the personality of Father Poche. Jameel Ashmore could probably answer that better than I could. We did have some pep rallies for special games & only when we were playing at home – especially for homecoming or special rivals like Highland Park. Remember – back then we didn’t have our own stadium, so we played our home games mostly at Highlander Field (H.P.).

I think I remember some bonfires on the old Jesuit practice field at the Blackburn & Preston Rd. location. We never wore our cheerleading uniforms to class or during the day unless there was some kind of special sporting event right after classes – like a basketball game in the old upstairs attic gym. I was not a prominent cheerleader – but was known mainly for golf and boxing. Other cheerleaders besides Ashmore & me were Mickey Hager & Doug Weisbruch.

P.S.-I also played French Horn in the band – so I marched at halftime in my Cheerleading outfit.

1953 Jesuit Band
1953 Jesuit Band