The 1954 Last Roundup summarizes the beginning of the bowling club: “Bowling was a new activity at Jesuit this year. It was developed through the efforts of the Lettermen’s Club and the cooperation of Mr. D. F. Luckie, the manager of the Texas Bowling Center [in Oak Cliff]. January 19th and 20th marked the start of league play with more than one-fourth of the school, forming twenty-four teams, taking part.” The teams were divided into two leagues and the team standings were posted in the basement (R Dec. 1954).
Mr. Crown W. Wilson, S. J. served as moderator. League A chose Bob Spies as their president and League B chose Harry Schanz. “Many of the members became members of the American Junior Bowling Congress when their membership fees were sent into the nation-wide organization in order to give Jesuit an officially sanctioned junior bowling league.” According to the Feb. 1954 Roundup, the fee was 25 cents.
The 1954 – 1955 year had three leagues: The Pin Boy Maulers, who took first place; the Jezz Witts, who took second place; and the third place Radicals. “A trophy for the winning team [was] placed in the school trophy case” (R April 1955).
In 1955 – 1956, the Superior Lanes began allowing Jesuit to use their facilities for league competition. In 1956 – 1957, Mr. Terry Burns became the new moderator and brought a new level of organization that led to increased success. The October 1957 Roundup indicates two separate divisions, one for seniors and juniors and another for sophomores and freshmen. The school newspapers also indicate faculty participation.
In 1960 – 1961 the seniors formed the first all senior teams. “Besides bowling, the happy-go-lucky seniors manage to indulge in other sports such as, tripping the man with the bowling ball, hitting the bowler with pencils, and ball-lifting contests” (R Dec. 1960).

1994-1995 Bowling Team Yearbook Picture

For most years, the bowling club has had little to no coverage in the school publications, sometimes not even being in the Last Roundup. The December 1960 issue referenced above is the last article until the May 1980 Roundup. Skip Brower is the moderator. Every year or so, the club is included in the yearbook. By 2010 – 2011 math teacher Kelli Mattachione moderated the club until she left in 2016 – 2016, after which math teacher Ken Howell took the reins.