The Roundup

The September 13, 1974 Roundup published what appears to be its first editorial policy.

In 1973 -1974 the paper took “an in depth look at the success Jesuit has had in integration.”  It published three articles about “how minorities feel here.”  It also published poll results “on the student body’s racial attitudes” (November 8, 1974).

The Roundup and Last Roundup 1976-1977

The April 1, 1982 issue continued the April Fools articles which had not been seen for a while.  The May 1984 issue noted that until four years ago journalism was a full credit course with classes two periods a week.  The lack of a course has created a hardship for the paper.  Another complaint is the censorship policy. Because the administration censors the paper only after it has been printed (in essence, reading it after the fact to determine if the copies should be released), the policy creates “animosity” between the staff and the administration.  In addition, if the issue is suppressed, the paper has broken faith with its advertisers.

In Fall 1984 the paper conducted an informal survey of teachers and seniors on a variety of national issues such as El Salvador, Star Wars defense, and tuition tax credits.

On May 9, 1985, The Roundup staff attended the annual Journalism Day sponsored by The Dallas Times Herald at the Anatole Hotel.  Jesuit’s awards were:  Marc Masferrer, 2nd place in editorial writing; Ross Coulter, 1st place in sports writing; Mike O’Brien, 1st place in both feature writing and reviews; Peter Kosydar, 2nd place in photography.

President of JCP Fr. Michael Alchediak, S. J. wrote a Letter to the Editor congratulating the paper in its 45th year but also questioning an editorial it had written earlier on recruiting athletes to Jesuit.

In May 15, 2002, the new editor Wes Wheless ’02 vowed to change the paper from what it had become:  “pages of immense margins, stretched pictures, and ‘non-columns’ . . . . the ‘Old Roundup’ catered to the comedic liking of a small percentage of students. . . [Wheless vowed] to improve the appearance, content, and purpose of the paper.”

The February 2008 paper commemorated Jesuit’s 65th anniversary by taking a look back.  A number of faculty, both graduates and non, reflected on Jesuit’s meaning and purpose.  Perhaps librarian and mother of a graduate Dr. Anne Desmond stated it best:  “As we face the future on our 65th Anniversary, let us continue to remember the great traditions, goals and value that have formed the ‘soul of Jesuit’, and continue to build and reinforce these qualities of life and living in our current and future students.”

In 2000 The Roundup created an on-line presence under the direction of Fritz Asche, Michael Degen, and Sheryl Row.  Robert Uhl served as its first editor with approximately 15 student writers.  As of 2016, over 70 students produce 15 to 20 articles per week and receive over 30, 000 views per month.

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