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Sheryl Row


Roger Hart ’55

I have many memories of Jesuit-Oak Lawn but the fondest is Father Michael Kammer who was the President in the '50s. He was also my English teacher and authored the textbook we used. He was also a mentor to me, one I've never forgotten. When he graded our papers, they were peppered with notes including the page numbers and...

Howard Davis ’60

"Yes boys, St.Valentine is a member of my Family Tree. My forbearers were from England, serving as Officer in the Colonies against the Rebels. And during one of the armed conflicts my Ancestor caught sight of a Rebel fleeing among the trees. He lifted his rifle, drew aim, cocked his piece, AND SUDDENLY THE REBEL’S HAT FLEW OFF AND...

Joseph Grissaffi ‘52

All I can say is that I don’t where I would be today without Jesuit’s education, training and guidance.

Henry Neuhoff, III ‘52

When I was a student at the old Jesuit we had a parking lot out front which might hold ten cars ….and it was never full! And seniors were the only students allowed to go in the front door.

Tom Heines ’64

“Addo” is the Latin word for this verb, but what is its English equivalent? Hint: Don’t think too hard about it. Unfortunately for me, thinking hard about answers to questions was second nature to me at Jesuit. There were no easy answers, right? Knowledge worthy of the Jesuit brand was gained only through fire, right? So as I stood...

Dances in the 40s and 50s

Jesuit's first dance and the "first social of the season" was held on October 8, 1943.  Jesuit hosted the girls from Merici, St. Joseph's Home for Girls, St. Edward's and Our Lady of Good Counsel. The Nov. 1943 Roundup notes that Jimmy Scanlon and Jack Burney performed a magic show.  In addition, " A jitterbug contest was held ....


Spirit Ribbons from Joe Hughes '71 Class ring  from Leroy Munchrath '46 The following note below came with the ring: "I am a graduate of Jesuit and one of the first four year students to do so. 1942-1946. My recollection of this ring is that somewhere between San Francisco, Cal. And Tokyo Japan, I lost the stone (glass) out of the ring...


Mike Martinez '87 added to his numerous donations to the school over the year. In the past Mike has donated many items related to band life: pictures, schedules, music, and such. This latest batch of donation includes such items as:Temporary Parking Permit signed by Mike Earsing May 13, 1986 3 green permits to leave school early c. 1986-87 book list Program Jesuit-Ursuline...