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Diversity at Jesuit: A Look Back

PDF - Diversity at Jesuit: A Look Back (Jesuit Today Winter 2012)

John Munoz ’78

The beanie was fun but the seniors seemed to have the most fun with them. They would knock it off your head and then put it back on for you. The only problem was they would turn their senior ring upside down and slam the beanie back on you. I think most of the freshman class had bumps on...

The Alma Mater

Memories from Fr. Joseph Rivoire, SJ: Mr. Elwood Hecker, SJ who came with the school in ’42 was the first band moderator/glee club director; working closely with Mr. Hohman they together produced the fight song…“We’ll sing hurrah for the blue and gold”… and the Ranger Victory March (First Alma Mater).  I have no memory of this alma mater.  By my...


Jesuit Cheerleading: First Years    The November 1943 The Roundup introduces the cheerleaders as “the smallest and one of the most important groups of men in our school.”  Later, the October 1948 The Roundup introduces each cheerleader, including girls from Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Edwards , and Merici . The October 1949 The Roundup describes the new uniforms:  “Strictly...