Saturday, June 6, 2020

This I Remember – Fr. S. J. Rivoire, S. J.

Written 10/17/92 about his first years in the early 1950s A bit more than 40 years ago…It was a hot summer day…& it was Wednesday, Aug. 6…and the year was 1952. I came to Jesuit High School Dallas on that day. There I found that stately and rambling red brick building with its broad entrance drive…and I can still see...

Joseph Grissaffi ‘52

All I can say is that I don’t where I would be today without Jesuit’s education, training and guidance.

Arthur Allen ’59

This summary is compiled from Mr. Allen’s talk in 2006 with freshmen in Ms. Celeste DesOrmeaux’s English class and from previous discussions with Sheryl Row, Jesuit Archivist. The talk in 2006 was recorded. In early 1954 a group of city leaders met in the Adolphus Hotel to discuss integration in Dallas schools.  Attending were J. Erik Jonsson, CEO of Texas...