Monday, January 17, 2022

Timeline: 1953

  • February 1953 Anecdotes

    Memorial Service For Joseph Lostetter

    Jesuit held a Marine flag raising in a memorial service for Joseph Lostetter who died in Korea; the Lostetters donated the flag to Jesuit.

    The Roundup 2/53; Mother's Club Scrapbook 52-53

  • April 1953 Sports

    Golf and Boxing

    Golf team referred to as major sport for first time. Boxing team given prominence although earlier editions have mentioned it.

    The Roundup 4/53

  • May 1953 Anecdotes

    Unified Graduation

    Bishop Thomas K. Gorman requires all Dallas Catholic Schools to have a Unified Graduation at Dallas Convention Center.

  • September 26, 1953 Anecdotes

    New President

    Very Rev. Thomas. J. Shields, S.J., founder of Jesuit High School, Dallas returns as President.

    Mother's Club Scrapbook 53-54, The Roundup 10/53

  • December 1953 Sports

    Best Linemen

    J. D. Roberts is elected best lineman by both Associated and United Press.

    The Roundup 12/53