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  • June 6, 1938 Anecdotes

    Jesuits Coming to Dallas

    Fr. Thomas McGrath, S.J. confers with Fr. Thomas J. Shields, S.J. – first documented mention of the possibility of Jesuits coming to Dallas; idea received well by Bishop Lynch.

  • April 9, 1940 Anecdotes

    Fr. Shields, S.J. meets Bishop Lynch

    Fr. Shields, S.J. (New Orleans Provincial) meets Bishop Lynch in San Antonio at consecration of Bishop Metzger – Bishop Lynch: “I want to see you sometime to talk about something good for you and me.”

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • October 23, 1940 Anecdotes

    Possible Jesuit school in Dallas

    In El Paso at consecration of Christo Rei monument, Bishop Lynch and Fr. Shields meet to discuss possibility of Jesuit school in Dallas

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • February 19, 1941 Anecdotes

    Finding a Site

    Thomas Shields, S.J. and Edward Rooney, S.J. of Jes Educ Assoc. visit Bishop Lynch in Dallas. Msgr. Nold tours city with them to find appropriate site for new school.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • June 29, 1941 Anecdotes

    Permission Granted

    A cablegram from Fr. General granting permission for a Jesuit school. A formal letter of approval received on July 30.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • August 1, 1941 Anecdotes Photos

    Jesuit Archives

    1941 Letter to Rome

    Permission of the Holy See

    Cardinal La Pluma, prefect of Sacred Congregation of Religious, signs formal permission of the Holy see for Jesuits to open canonically a society house in Dallas.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • September 1, 1941 Anecdotes

    3812 Oak Lawn at Blackburn

    Bishop Lynch and his lawyer, Mr. George Burgess, arrange legal details with Fr. Shields and Mr. Charles I. Denechaud, Province Lawyer, for transfer of Oak Lawn-Blackburn property to the Society of Jesus.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • December 16, 1941 Anecdotes

    Property Legally Transferred

    The property formerly known as the Dallas University, conducted by the Vincentian Fathers, and in later years as St. Joseph’s Home for Girls (an orphanage for girls) legally transferred from the Diocese of Dallas to the Jesuit High School of Dallas Inc.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • December 21, 1941 Anecdotes

    The Dallas Morning News

    New Jesuit Dallas Administraton Announced

    The Jesuits Move In

    Fr. Austin L. Wagner, S.J., first Jesuit to take possession of new property and charged with preparing the place for a new school and Jesuit residence and promoting knowledge that the Jesuits were coming to Dallas; arrived at what became the Jesuit High School of Dallas (Oaklawn & Blackburn).

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • January 1942 - August 1942 Anecdotes

    Building Renovations

    Building renovated; whole sections virtually rebuilt; endowment fund drive promoted.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • January 7, 1942 Anecdotes

    More Jesuits Arrive

    Fr. RT Bryant, S.J., and Bro Martial Lapeyre, S.J. arrive; Fr. Bryant donates new Buick which had been given to him.

  • September 1942 - May 1943 Photos

    Jesuit Archives

    1942-1943 Faculty and Staff

    Rev. Joseph C. Mulhern, Rector-President, Principal
    Rev. Austin L. Wagner, S.J. Minister
    Rev. James M. Buckley, S.J. Teacher and Prefect of Religious Counseling
    Rev. James D. Carroll, S.J. Assistant Principal
    Rev. Hilton A. Crane, S.J. Teacher
    Rev. Fred M. O’ Connor, S.J. Teacher
    Rev. William J. Reagan, S.J. Teacher
    Mr. Edward J. Bergen, S.J. Teacher
    Mr. Elwood P. Hecker, S.J. Teacher, Moderator of Music
    Mr. Michael P. Kammer, S.J. Teacher, Moderator of Dramatics
    Mr. John C. Moran, S.J. Teacher, Prefect of Intramural Sports
    Br. Martial O. Lapeyre, S.J. Superintendent of Bldgs. & Maintenance

  • September 14, 1942 Anecdotes

    Opening Day

    Approx. 195 students registered: Freshmen, 4; Sophomores, 2; Juniors, 2; Seniors, 4; 168 on full tuition, 17 free, 9 partial tuition. Tuition: $50.00 plus $10.00 activity fee; for students who desire military training, Jesuit will sponsor a private junior air training corps

    Principal's Diary

  • September 25, 1942 Anecdotes

    Student Assembly

    Assembly of all students in 2nd period to explain the proposed military training set up under the auspices of the Air Training Corps of America

    Principal's Diary

  • October 2, 1942 Sports

    1942-193 Football Team with Gold Satin Letter Jackets

    First Football Game

    The first football home game vs Oak Grove was played on campus.

    Principal's Diary

  • November 14, 1942 Anecdotes


    Letter arrives with accreditation by the State Department of Education (Note: The Roundup 5/26/43 notes accreditation on 11/2/43)

    Principal's Diary

  • November 24, 1942 Activities/Clubs

    Clubs Formed

    Clubs formed: Choral [Mr. Hecker], Philothespic [moderator M. P. Kammer, SJ], Science [includes Radio club], Sodality [formed by Fr. James Buckley, SJ]

    The Roundup

  • December 1, 1942 Anecdotes

    SACSS Membership

    Membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • December 16, 1942 Activities/Clubs

    First Jesuit Band School Concert

    Includes new school song: “The Ranger Victory March” written by faculty member, Mr. Edward P. Hecker, S.J. (The Roundup 5/26/43 gives 12/14 date)

    Principal's Diary, The Roundup 12/23/42

  • January 12, 1943 Activities/Clubs

    Science Academy

    J.H.S. Science Academy presents the first entertainment of the year. Harry Wren, with the aid of John Morley, demonstrates general principles of airplane control. The evening also included the film "Parachute for Safety."

  • February 13, 1943 Sports

    First Trophy

    Basketball team in tournament sponsored by Forney High School. “Awarded a trophy for second place in the Consolation Round. A trifle inglorious, but still the first trophy won by the school.”

    Principal's Diary