Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Timeline: December 1941

  • December 16, 1941 Anecdotes

    Property Legally Transferred

    The property formerly known as the Dallas University, conducted by the Vincentian Fathers, and in later years as St. Joseph’s Home for Girls (an orphanage for girls) legally transferred from the Diocese of Dallas to the Jesuit High School of Dallas Inc.

    The Roundup 5/26/43

  • December 21, 1941 Anecdotes

    The Dallas Morning News

    New Jesuit Dallas Administraton Announced

    The Jesuits Move In

    Fr. Austin L. Wagner, S.J., first Jesuit to take possession of new property and charged with preparing the place for a new school and Jesuit residence and promoting knowledge that the Jesuits were coming to Dallas; arrived at what became the Jesuit High School of Dallas (Oaklawn & Blackburn).

    The Roundup 5/26/43