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Timeline: September 1942

  • September 1942 - May 1943 Photos

    Jesuit Archives

    1942-1943 Faculty and Staff

    Rev. Joseph C. Mulhern, Rector-President, Principal
    Rev. Austin L. Wagner, S.J. Minister
    Rev. James M. Buckley, S.J. Teacher and Prefect of Religious Counseling
    Rev. James D. Carroll, S.J. Assistant Principal
    Rev. Hilton A. Crane, S.J. Teacher
    Rev. Fred M. O’ Connor, S.J. Teacher
    Rev. William J. Reagan, S.J. Teacher
    Mr. Edward J. Bergen, S.J. Teacher
    Mr. Elwood P. Hecker, S.J. Teacher, Moderator of Music
    Mr. Michael P. Kammer, S.J. Teacher, Moderator of Dramatics
    Mr. John C. Moran, S.J. Teacher, Prefect of Intramural Sports
    Br. Martial O. Lapeyre, S.J. Superintendent of Bldgs. & Maintenance

  • September 14, 1942 Anecdotes

    Opening Day

    Approx. 195 students registered: Freshmen, 4; Sophomores, 2; Juniors, 2; Seniors, 4; 168 on full tuition, 17 free, 9 partial tuition. Tuition: $50.00 plus $10.00 activity fee; for students who desire military training, Jesuit will sponsor a private junior air training corps

    Principal's Diary

  • September 25, 1942 Anecdotes

    Student Assembly

    Assembly of all students in 2nd period to explain the proposed military training set up under the auspices of the Air Training Corps of America

    Principal's Diary