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  • January 1949 Sports

    Golf Team Organized

    The Roundup March/April ’49 reports the formation of the golf team. The Roundup April '53 lists it as a major sport for first time.

    The Roundup March/April ’49, 4/53

  • April 1949 Sports

    Spirit Mascot Dog

    The Roundup reports on Jesuit's spirit mascot dog. The November 1952 includes an article about his death.

  • January 1950 Sports

    Gino Biasatti

    Gino Biasatti, 190 lb. fullback for Jesuit Rangers, named on the second All-America Catholic H.S. football team for 1949 season.

  • April 23, 1950 Sports


    Resignation of Don Rossi as football, basketball, and baseball coach announced by Fr. John Schwing, A.D.

    Mother's Club Scrapbook 49-50

  • May 1950 Sports

    Football in Rochester

    Jesuit’s Rangers boarded a chartered airliner at Love Field for Rochester, N.Y. where they will meet Aquinas High in an intersectional schoolboy football game; 25 men made the trip. They lost the game 46-7.

  • September 1950 Sports

    New Coach

    Lancaster (Lank) Smith, former member of the Notre Dame Coaching staff, is selected as head coach succeeding Don Rossi.

    The Roundup Oct. 1950

  • October 1951 Anecdotes

    New President

    Rev. J. A. Sweeney, SJ succeeds Rev. D. R. Druhan, SJ as President

    The Roundup 10/52

  • January 28, 1952 Sports

    Golden Gloves

    J.H.S. will be represented by 5 novices in the Dallas regional golden gloves tournament for the first time; J.T. Collins, a finalist in the state bantam weight division in 1945, is coaching the small but enthusiastic group

  • November 1952 Sports

    Mascot Dies

    Mascot Dog “Ranger” dies; replaced by “Ranger II” who dies one month later.

    The Roundup 11/52, 3/54, 4/54

  • February 1953 Anecdotes

    Memorial Service For Joseph Lostetter

    Jesuit held a Marine flag raising in a memorial service for Joseph Lostetter who died in Korea; the Lostetters donated the flag to Jesuit.

    The Roundup 2/53; Mother's Club Scrapbook 52-53

  • April 1953 Sports

    Golf and Boxing

    Golf team referred to as major sport for first time. Boxing team given prominence although earlier editions have mentioned it.

    The Roundup 4/53

  • May 1953 Anecdotes

    Unified Graduation

    Bishop Thomas K. Gorman requires all Dallas Catholic Schools to have a Unified Graduation at Dallas Convention Center.

  • September 26, 1953 Anecdotes

    New President

    Very Rev. Thomas. J. Shields, S.J., founder of Jesuit High School, Dallas returns as President.

    Mother's Club Scrapbook 53-54, The Roundup 10/53

  • December 1953 Sports

    Best Linemen

    J. D. Roberts is elected best lineman by both Associated and United Press.

    The Roundup 12/53

  • January 19, 1954 Sports

    Jesuit Archives

    '53-'54 Bowling League

    Bowling League

    Start of Jesuit High Bowling League

    The Roundup 2/54

  • February 1954 Activities/Clubs

    Radio Club

    Radio Club reformed under Mr. Underhill, SJ; originally formed under Fr. May.

    The Roundup 2/54 (earlier editions cover this club as well)

  • May 27, 1954 Anecdotes


    Most Reverend Augustine Dauglmayr, auxiliary bishop of DFW, presented diplomas to over 200 Catholic H.S. grads of Dallas at Sacred Heart Cathedral

  • September 1954 Anecdotes

    New Principals

    Fr. Michael Kammer, S. J. replaces Fr. Edward Curry S. J. as principal. Mr. Edward Coles, last year’s athletic director, becomes the assistant principal and prefect of discipline. He replaces Fr. John Vessels, S. J.

    The Roundup 10/54

  • October 1954 Anecdotes

    Freshman Beanies

    First reference to freshmen wearing beanies; faculty concerned about hazing Wearing beanies “contributes to this spirit of tradition…the attitude of lower classmen towards upperclassmen…Herein lies the purpose of the beanies, to point out a certain group as being Freshmen and to humble them in an insignificant way in the eyes of others….The Freshmen should view wearing these beanies as part of their duty and responsibility to their school, rather than a deliberate attempt on the part of the National Honor Society to make them look ridiculous. ” - editorial from The Roundup 11/54

    The Roundup 10/54

  • Fall 1954 Sports

    TCIL Champions

    Win Texas Catholic Interscholastic League State Championships in Football

  • Spring 1955 Activities/Clubs

    Jesuit Archives

    Adolph Canales, '54-'55 Radio Club President

    Radio Club

    The Radio Club builds a tesla coil; to illustrate principles of electronics and radio transmission.

    54-55 Yearbook

  • Spring 1955 Activities/Clubs

    Jesuit Debate

    Two debate teams take 1st and 2nd places in a tournament among Texas and Louisiana Catholic high schools. The winning team was WM. Hodges and Claiborne Johnson. Johnson was judged the best speaker.

  • May 1955 Sports

    TCIL State Track Champions

    Freddie Schaeffer makes the state aware of Jesuit by pacing the Rangers to the TCIL track title. The senior won 3 individual events, tied for 2nd in another, and anchored the winning sprint relay as Jesuit beat runner-up St. Thomas of Houston by a comfortable 20 points. All times will go as records as this is the first state track meet in TCIL history. It was Jesuit’s second state championship of the school year; the Rangers won the football title last Dec.