Michael Sweeney ’64

I car-pooled with Mike McCarty and Steve Ramsey. I remember in 1963, driving to Oaklawn via Central Expressway from Richardson one morning. We were all studying for something. Mike was behind the wheel of a new Pontiac Lemans (with the shifter on the dash). He was looking over at my book studying when rush hour traffic came to its normal stop right across from Glen Lakes C.C. Mike never saw the trunk of the car in front of us. BAM! I think Steve was behind me in the back seat. He pushed my seat forward. I stiff-legged the floorboard which only catapulted me into the windshield. No seatbelts yet. We all survived with minimal bumps and scratches, but I think what took the cake that day was being dropped off at school by one of Dallas’ finest. And who should be standing at the top of the entrance stairs…Fr. Rivoire, arms folded, dangling his whistle and ready for bear. “Gentlemen, where have you been?”

Father Rivoire

I loved that man. I came to treasure my relationship in detention. Though I didn’t spend that much time in his office, my goal was to make him smile. I did it too.