Spirit Ribbons from Joe Hughes ’71

Class ring  from Leroy Munchrath ’46

The following note below came with the ring:

“I am a graduate of Jesuit and one of the first four year students to do so. 1942-1946. My recollection of this ring is that somewhere between San Francisco, Cal. And Tokyo Japan, I lost the stone (glass) out of the ring and for many years it remained in a box of mementos. In 2011, I had a jeweler install a replica of the stone. I would like to contribute this ring to the Jesuit Archives and a proper place might well be between the contributions of Marvin Munchrath and Dr. Jerry Ingles.”

Variety of items from Michael Reimer ’96  

Band hat ’94-‘95, Band beret [navy‘95], Jesuit cap w/ Sam logo under JESUIT on front, 4/13/96 prom champagne flute, Graduation tassel, ’96 Distinguished Alumnus brochure, 10 progress reports, 4/3/96 letter from Alumni office: notice of Mark D. Stukowki’s death, Grade reports 3/13/95 and 5/30/95, copies of The Roundup, DMN article about school’s 50th anniversary

Variety of items from Michael Martinez ’87 

Band t-shirt, Permission Letter for Lock-in activity, Baseball schedules: 1984-85 and 1986-87, 1986-87 textbook list, Commencement Invitation w/ envelope

Box of spirit ribbons  from Mike Marz ’75 

These items were donated by Mike and Marguerite Farmer Marz [Ursuline ’75].  Both were cheerleaders.