The 1954-1955 yearbook notes:  “The Camera Club is Jesuit’s newest organization.  The club was founded by Anthony Daboub, the Roundup’s staff photographer.  The purpose of the new club is to make available a multitude of pictures so that the Roundup might portray the varied activities at Jesuit more graphically.”  The club learns photography fundamentals “in films, lectures, and the study of photographic equipment.”  The club “sponsors contests for its members . . . and sponsored the annual Picture Contest for the whole school.”  The moderator is Mr. C. W. Wilson, S. J.


The 1955-1956 yearbook notes that the annual school-wide contest was held in March, and the meetings were held every Sunday evening.  The moderator was Mr. R. J. Miller, S. J.  The 1958 yearbook cites Mr. J. H. McLeod, S. J., and the 1960 yearbook notes that a banquet was held with Mr. Edward Tafoya, S. J. as moderator.  Mr. Dick Toye, S. J. is listed as moderator in the1961 yearbook and Mr. Barfield, S. J. as moderator in the 1964 yearbook.

The 1965 yearbook lists Mr. Rousseve, S. J. and Mr. Hilton, S. J. as moderators. The 1967 yearbook lists the first lay faculty moderator, Mr. Don Dorsey. The 1977 yearbook indicates that the club was taking field trips for photography.  The 1989 yearbook describes the club as receiving “training and darkroom facilities necessary for amateur black and white photography. . . [and enhancing] their photographic skills through competition and exhibition opportunities.

The Photographers League is listed in the 1990 Last Roundup as moderated by Rev. Wayne Herpin, S.J.  The description of this group is given as “The League promoted interest in the art and practice of photography and provides students with training and darkroom facilities necessary for amateur black and white photography.”  The yearbook also noted the group as responsible for producing a videotape accompaniment to the yearbook, the Look-A-Round club.

Tim Ronan ’77 Standing