Tuesday, October 26, 2021



Mike Martinez '87 added to his numerous donations to the school over the year. In the past Mike has donated many items related to band life: pictures, schedules, music, and such. This latest batch of donation includes such items as:Temporary Parking Permit signed by Mike Earsing May 13, 1986 3 green permits to leave school early c. 1986-87 book list Program Jesuit-Ursuline...


Spirit Ribbons from Joe Hughes '71 Class ring  from Leroy Munchrath '46 The following note below came with the ring: "I am a graduate of Jesuit and one of the first four year students to do so. 1942-1946. My recollection of this ring is that somewhere between San Francisco, Cal. And Tokyo Japan, I lost the stone (glass) out of the ring...