Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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John Tolle ’51

I entered Jesuit in 1947 as a freshman and graduated in 1951. The school was much smaller then and there were about 42 in the ninth graduating class of 1951. There is no resemblance between the school building in Oak Lawn and the present facility. I attended Jesuit because my brother Mark was already there as a member of...

The Big Brother Council

“Every day I remind myself of how I felt those first few weeks, and how I longed for someone to grab my hand and pull me through it.” - Jason Gonzalez ’96 Big Brother (The Roundup Sept. 1996) “When former Student Council President, Pat Walsh introduced the program to Jesuit, he was looking for a way to introduce...

Diversity at Jesuit: A Look Back

PDF - Diversity at Jesuit: A Look Back (Jesuit Today Winter 2012)