Monday, November 29, 2021
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The Philothespic Society (Theater) in the 50s

Society members were admitted by delivering entrance speeches. Not all were accepted. The November 1949 Roundup indicates that only thirteen of twenty-one hopefuls were accepted into the Society. In addition to their performance speeches, the members had to “pass a test concerning the By-laws of the Society and concerning parliamentary procedure.” The 1953 Last Roundup indicates that half of...

The Philothespic Society (Theater) in the 40s

Please note that the early history of the Philothespic Society, Debate and Elocution were entwined. You may wish to visit the history of Debate to grasp the full picture of this busy and important activity. 1940s One scene from Jesuit’s first play Twelfth Night was presented on February 12, 1942, to the student body during an assembly for the Provincial and...